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Lets make it real simple! I will walk you through my entire day where you’ll learn  my daily health routine to replenish your body and get back your vitality with my delicious detox approach.


  • NOURISH your body from the INSIDE – OUT!
  • SHED 5-10 lbs. of toxins with my wholesome, delicious, simple plan.
  • Time to feel radiant again so you can walk with confidence.
  • You will have unbelievable energy, lose the muffin top, ditch the dark circles under your eyes, and wake up feeling energized when you cleanse out the toxins.
  • Time to look in the mirror and say, “looking good.”
  • Time to wake up in the morning NOT needing the strongest coffee to get your body moving.
  • Time to look great in those skinny jeans and put your favorite sexy outfit on for a Saturday night date.
  • Time to loosen the belt buckle my friend and drop a dress size.
  • Time to hit the RESET button and say bye-bye to belly bloat, fatigue, and dry skin.
  • Time to OWN a HEALTHY GUT: normal poops, less gas, less cramping, less heartburn
  • You will be on the road to quitting sugar for good!


You can have it all when you join my SUMMER DETOX PROGRAM.

The program is divided into 3 phases – Prep (4 days), Program (7 days), and Transition (4 days).

Phase I – Prep

You’ll spend the first phase of the program cleaning up your eating habits and preparing your body, mind and kitchen for what’s in store. During this phase, you can pick and choose your meals and snacks from over 50+ tasty nutrient-dense recipes. Yes, over 50 recipes to choose from! 

Phase II – Program

You’ll spend the second phase of the program in full-blown detox mode, and you’re going to love it! For seven days, you’ll eliminate common allergenic foods and take advantage of several physical and emotional supporting tools that push out the toxins and promote overall wellness. You’ll be following a done-for-you meal plan with delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner suggestions for each day to make this program fun and easy.

Phase III – Transition

During the transition phase, you’ll follow your outlined meal plan to reintroduce certain foods each day. You’ll pay attention to how your body reacts to each food and uncover potential hidden food allergies. You’ll shed pounds, eliminate bloating, and discover which foods help YOUR unique body thrive.

Signing up for the Program is easy:

  1. You buy the program
  2. You start to read through your documents and get excited because life is about to change for good in a good way!
  3. You start to eat clean and recharge

2 Weeks of Support + Recipes + Program Materials

ONLY €49.00

I started this program in order to support my wife. I have never really considered my food intake to any great degree. I felt that there was more chance of success if there was two of us in this. There is a lot of literature to support you during this program and I found that it was very useful in informing you about the decisions you make with food every day.

The program gives you this information but I found it essential to have Orla to guide and support during the program to achieve the maximum benefit. I had no expectations when I started the program and I have never done anything like this before. I have to admit it is very eye opening about the food choices we make every day. Whether it is the toast for breakfast, the croissant at 11, the burger and chips for lunch, the afternoon bar of chocolate and then dinner when you get home and not forgetting the toast before bed. This program with its very straightforward and easy to follow structure streamlines your food intake and removes the additional food that is really not necessary in your diet.

I found that I had increased energy which is helpful with two young children, better sleep and also less food waste due to the plan. Don’t get me wrong, temptation is everywhere and you have to be committed to the program. You have to remember that you are doing this for you and you are the one who will benefit. If you cheat the program the only person that will suffer is you. There is also the added side effect of weight loss. Just the simple changes in diet with no increased exercise meant that I lost nearly 1 stone in the 2 week program.

After completion of the program, I am definitely making smarter choices when it comes to food. I realise that I can still treat myself but that is more like once a week than once a day. The program also showed me more diversity in food that I had not previously considered, cauliflower rice is the way forward!!

Finally to our coach Orla, the daily messages of support and the information in the forum was invaluable in making this a very pleasantly surprising experience for me. Thank you!


You will succeed with this Step-by-Step plan

This is your chance to REBOOT, RECHARGE and RESET your body!