5 day weightloss programme

This 5 Day Body Reset Programme cuts out  processed foods, added sugars, meat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine… It is a plant-based whole foods plan full of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats (nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut oil) and plant-based proteins (nuts, quinoa, lentils, beans).

The meal plan is vegan unless you decide to include egg with some of the meals which is an option.

This plan is a 5 day healthy meal plan to get you off craving unhealthy foods, get your skin glowing, increase your energy, and an overall jump-start guide to cleaning up your diet.

I know you are busy. You are probably reading this on your phone while multitasking. You are pulled in 50 directions every hour. Everyone needs you, and everyone needs your time. Not in a few hours. Right now.

I’ve designed this programme for people just like you – busy but looking to shift a few pounds, shift the brian fog and get your sexy glow back again.

I provide all of the following

  • 5 days of whole food recipes, breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • shopping lists
  • daily support emails
  • low gylcemic food handout
  • recipes for energy boosting juices

I know this can work for you, here’s why –

Can you use a knife?

Can you use a blender?

Can you follow a recipe?

Can you commit to your health for just 5 days?

If YES, then what are you waiting for? Sign up today for just €20.00. Everything will come straight to your inbox!

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